The Precious Moment

Assalamualaikum , hey everyone !
Dah berabad tak update blog . Sorry , terlalu busy masuk belajar . Now im in second semester - Town and Regional Planning (Uitm Seri Iskandar )   haha . Its too far right? Okay , back to the main reason i publish this post. I want to introduce my roomate . I dont care if you guy think its too late , but for me as long as im still posting about them . Okayy . This is my favourite roomate . Takan penah jumpa orang mcm mereka ni kat tempat lain tau . Mereka boleh jadi orang paling kejam , paling garang , paling gila and paling pening , and most important paling baik kat sini . We love to scream , we love to laugh , we love to gossiping and we really love to hang out together . Btw , i really love to have you guys as my roomates . For your information , two of my roomate is also Perakian . Anis also live at Seri Iskandar and Ainina is from manjung . But we're both from the same school since primary school . Lucky me , anis is one of my best friend since we're small . And the other girl is Najwa Najihah Islahudin , she's from Shah Alam . haha . Most of my time i will spend for planning . But the rest of it i will spending my time with my roomates . Because they all Owesome ! They rock my world and they shine my day .  
From the left Anis Nasir, Najwa Islhdn , Ainina Redzwan and me ( Ummi Sakinah)

Last but not least . I will presenting my bestfriend . Hihi . Planning brought us together . I never meet them before but this field make me get to know them all . Presenting, Wany Mazny is from Kedah . She so " pekat " with her " loughat" haha .She nice , she's cool and for sure she's owesome . And the other one is Elyza Kiyora , She's from Seremban but she's not pure Seremban . haha . . She's strict and she always stand by her own opinion . I loves her spirit . Btw , both of them is my favourite girl ! Seriously guys , i really love you guys . In class , we always stay together . Sharing our own story and lifestyle . Lucky me , both of them are just like me . So , its easy for me to get use too . In my class i also have my favourite friend such as Syazwan Hadi , Putra Syahmi , Yusran Azali , Syarani , and Faizul Faiz .  
From left Ummi Sakinah(me), Wany Mazny , and Elyza Kiyora
# Guys , i admit i really apprieciate our friendship . I hope that we can be friend till the end . Aminn . 
#Roomatessss + Classmate , both of you are important for me . Without you , i dont think im able to face all this thing . 


thankies pnjamkan mata anda untuk mmbaca blog saia..=)